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The new center of Trump’s political world: Palm Beach

“You’re seeing a lot of conservative influencers talking about Florida and it’s creating an environment where … people are looking for safe havens where their ideology is being manifested in the world around them,” said Blair Brandt, a Palm Beach-based political consultant and Republican fundraiser who served as the Florida finance co-chair for Trump’s reelection campaign. More

Trump to return to a Florida rattled by virus, but with election loss on his mind

And with the president living at Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, in particular, will likely play a crucial in GOP fundraising, said Palm Beacher Blair Brandt, a political strategist and fundraiser who helped raise about $50 million at events in Palm Beach.

Recognizing the growing prominence of Florida in GOP politics and in particular Palm Beach, Brandt founded his own political consulting business to assist wealthy donors in deciding which candidates and committees they should back.  

"I still believe the president is going to be the premier kingmaker and queenmaker in the Republican Party and I think most candidates will need his endorsement or want it," said Brandt. "Certainly the presence of the president and first family is going to be a huge part of that." More

"Thank you, we've got a long way to go - Trump"

"Pro-Trump political operative Blair Brandt" More

More - "a Florida GOP fundraiser and political strategist, Florida co-chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee." - "a political strategist and Republican fundraiser who helped lead money-gathering efforts for the president in the Sunshine State" - "a Florida Co-Chair of Trump Victory Finance Committee"

Blair Brandt, a South Florida-based political consultant, Republican strategist, and GOP fundraiser,

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