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Whatever our clients' needs, our goal is to provide concierge-style, high-touch services while producing tangible results. We help clients arrive at the right strategy first and foremost, and then optimize the process by creating a superior, informed foundation that is always willing to adapt. 


At the Brandt Group, we are committed to utilizing our expertise & unique experiences to help create the best presentations for clients, while at the same time understanding the importance of positive, long-term, and substantive relationships. 


In our world, success means matching the right people with the right content. We will tee you up & make an otherwise daunting task seem turn-key by providing a communications roadmap all the way from concept to reality.


Leveraging partnerships with the brightest political strategists, policy minds, & campaign fundraisers all over the country, The Brandt Group ensures that our clients have direct access to the best experts for their individual needs.


When you collaborate with The Brandt Group, you are not just engaging our immediate in-house team and leadership, but also tapping into a vast network of exceptionally experienced operatives and veteran professionals who can help achieve your goals. 


A winning campaign - whether it be for a candidate or an idea -  understands not only what to focus on, but also which coalitions to build. Combining creativity with diligence and proven relationship management with knowledge, the Brandt Group will give your mission the energy and momentum it needs to get to the finish line.


While you can never guarantee a result in any environment, our goal is always to leave it all on the field, finish strong, and optimize the chances for our client to realize their dreams.  


Whether you are a political campaign looking to build support & momentum, a cause looking to amplify your message, or an institution looking to problem-solve, Brandt Group is here for you. 


Throughout our experience in public policy and political campaigns, Brandt Group has always made a concerted effort to focus on socially responsible and ethical initiatives that have the potential for a direct wellness impact to the American public. Simply put, we work with clients who are not only trying to change the world, but also make it a better place. We work with candidates & campaigns that we believe in.  


We look forward to hearing from you soon. 


A Palm Beach, Florida based strategic advisory & consulting boutique focused on luxury real estate development, branding, & operations.

Mission Statement









Blair Brandt President & CEO


Brandt launched his professional career as the Co-Founder of Next Step Realty, now New York City's premier corporate relocation real estate brokerage for residential clients moving into Manhattan & Brooklyn. 


In his capacity as CEO of Next Step Realty, Brandt was honored in the 2012 Forbes 30 under 30 at the age of 23 and later in 2015 cast to ABC Family's primetime

docu-series, “Next Step Realty: NYC.” As CEO of Next Step Realty from 2010-2016, Brandt built the firm from a concept on a napkin into a profitable, multi-million dollar business contracted to assist over 60 blue-chip companies in NYC with their employee relocation needs. 


During his time at Next Step, Brandt cultivated a team of 30 staff, created a B2B portfolio of five-star institutional customers, and built up the firm’s proprietary direct-to-consumer marketing platform including one of the country’s largest Campus Brand Ambassador programs of over 1,000 students. 


From brand building to team building to institutional sales, Brandt quickly became one of New York City’s youngest and most successful entrepreneurs in the 2010’s. Since 2017, Brandt has served as the Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors at Next Step Realty. 


Between 2017 and 2019, Brandt served as an Advisor to Lara Trump, particularly in her personal capacity as an animal welfare activist. In this role, Brandt became one of the country's most vocal advocates for animal welfare reform, specifically within the Republican Party. In the space of supporting Mrs. Trump, Brandt helped advocate for a range of actions to modernize the treatment of animals.


In January 2019, Brandt was given the Humane Leader Award by the Humane Society of the United States for his efforts to exonerate thousands of Greyhounds from confinement, cruelty, and abuse on Florida racetracks. The sport was permanently outlawed by Florida voters with a margin of 69% in November 2018, after Brandt led a bi-partisan campaign particularly focused on acquiring endorsements from conservative Republicans in Florida. 


Brandt advocated for passage of The Pact Act, which was signed by President Trump into law in the Oval Office in November 2019. On the same day, military hero working dog Conan was also honored at The White House Rose Garden, following advocacy from Brandt to highlight the important role of America’s working dogs in bettering our society. 

In 2020, Brandt served as the Florida Co-Chair for the Trump Victory Finance Committee of which Kimberly Guilfoyle served as the National Finance

Co-Chair.  The TVFC was a joint operation between the 2020 Trump Campaign and the Republican National Committee. The vast majority of the funds raised by Brandt for this committee benefited the Republican party including many of the red wins in the U.S. House of Representatives. 


Having spent over four years since early 2017 building key relationships and expertise in the conservative world, Brandt went out on his own in 2020 to form

The Brandt Group - complementing capital campaign & political fundraising experience with an expansive public affairs portfolio including clientele across sectors like environmental technology & innovation, healthcare, cannabis, pharmaceuticals, tele-health, real estate, and animal welfare. 


In 2021, Brandt Group is focused on helping institutional clients navigate the broader Republican ecosystem all over the country, while at the same time supporting high-potential Republican candidates for elected offices including Governors, Attorney General, Senators, & Congressman/Congresswoman. 


While frequently in Washington, D.C. and New York City, Brandt currently resides permanently in West Palm Beach, FL, where Brandt Group HQ is based. 


He is a graduate of Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts and the University of Richmond in Virginia. 

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